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InVocation Updates & Upcoming Oct. 2023

Thank you's!

I want to extend my deep gratitude
to everyone who joined us on Oct. 6th for
Creature Feature: Animals as Spiritual Teachers
  • We explored the absolute delight and profound depths of spiritual connections with our friends across the Animal Kin-dom! We shared many moving stories, and uncovered new insights for how to live in Soulful harmony with our fellow creatures. What a joy!

  • So many wonderful folks showed up - I look forward to seeing you all again soon at more upcoming classes!

  • I'm so grateful to everyone who made it, who signed up for the recording, and who otherwise offered support! Stay tuned for more upcoming partnerships and events with Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality...

And a special thank you to communities who've hosted me for
Lessons from the Pandemic: Ten Touchstones on the Road to Recovery

To the wonderful folks at:

It's been such an honor to talk with you about my lessons from the pandemic, and to hear yours in return! Your wisdom and work around grief and community-building are helping us all heal.

I look forward to continuing to walk together on the Road to Recovery...

Upcoming events!

(classes, courses, retreats, workshops, talks, & presentations)

Lessons from the Pandemic series

Upcoming presentations at:

  • House of Prayer Lutheran Church in Oakdale, MN

  • Yorkshire of Edina Senior Living in Edina, MN

  • The Winslow Apartments in West St. Paul, MN

  • Como by the Lake Senior Apartments in St. Paul, MN

  • The Waters Senior Living in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

I’m continuing to book events for the Lessons from the Pandemic series, and still have a few openings left for 2023! Organizations can have me come in to lead a presentation and discussion about what we can all learn from the last few years: about grief and mental health, renewing a sense of passion and optimism for the future, and much more.

  • Options for 1-, 2-, and 3-hour talks, and easily customized to the host context: workplaces, schools, churches and faith communities, senior centers, etc.

  • I’m especially hoping these can serve people who’ve been in frontline work: healthcare, eldercare, mental health, pastoral care, education, caregivers, etc.

  • If you'd like to attend, or if you know anyone who may be interested in hosting this unique, vital conversation, please reach out:

Topics include:

  • historical comparisons to other globally traumatic events

  • what to expect – a summary of the research indicators and social trends for the coming years

  • how to get ahead of coming trends and chart a Roadmap to Recovery

  • how to make room for what I call the Ten Touchstones of Grief

  • concrete actions that can help us regain momentum in our individual and communal lives

How you can help grow InVocation

  1. Sign up for one of the offerings above!

  2. Refer me to places you know of that could host an InVocation event!

  3. Refer me to someone you know who could use spiritual guidance, or meet with me yourself – initial consult is always free!

  4. Forward the newsletter to your friends so they can subscribe!

  5. Support me on my Ko-Fi patron page with a one-time or recurring contribution! This supports the bigger picture of my work – which you can read about there!



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