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reflection and presence of a stone stack offshore in the ocean - Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA
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About appointments

 >> What happens in an initial consult? 
We get to know each other and talk about where you are on your spiritual journey! We also determine what kind of service you are interested in, whether that’s ongoing spiritual direction / spiritual life coaching, or guidance that’s more specific to a particular project or timeframe. 

 >> Where & when do you meet with clients? 
Appointments are currently online, but we can discuss other location options in the initial consultation, e.g. public parks.

I acknowledge that I reside and work on the ancestral homelands of resilient indigenous peoples: the Dakota Sioux, Lakota Sioux, and Anishinaabe Ojibwe First Nations. I offer my gratitude and honor to them for their historical and continued stewardship of this land, for their care and wisdom. And I offer my gratitude and honor to the land itself for the gift of life, for its care and wisdom. May all of us work for a future where these Nations and their lands thrive.

 >> What is your hourly rate? Do you offer any free or discounted services? 
$70, and if you’re experiencing financial difficulty we can discuss a sliding scale fee. Regardless, the initial consultation is free for all new clients.

 >> What about cancellations? 
There are no charges for missed or cancelled initial consultations. However, for all other sessions, clients will be charged for a missed appointment or if cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time (excluding situations of emergency and illness).

 >> What ethical guidelines do you abide by? 
I adhere to the standard guidelines outlined by Spiritual Directors International. See especially pages 4 & 5 on safeguarding clients' dignity and confidentiality. I maintain a confidential and open-hearted space where you can safely share without shame or fear. As far as ethical guidelines for this website and the blog, see the policies.


About Brian

 >> Which religious, spiritual, & cultural traditions do you identify with & draw from? What’s your background, training, & approach? What do you mean by the ‘mystic traditions’? 

I hold a Certificate in Spiritual Direction - trained as an Anam Cara (Soul Friend) - with the Celtic Center of Seattle. To learn more about my training in that program and beyond, I invite you to read what I've written on the blog.

 >> Do you really work with clients of all religious, spiritual, & cultural traditions? 

Yes, enthusiastically! I won’t be an expert in your beliefs, body, or background, but I’ll certainly be conversant & eager to learn, & I’ll certainly have much to offer from my background, training, & approach. Again, I invite you to the blog.

 >> Are you a pastor, priest, rabbi, imam, guru, monk, chaplain, or any otherwise ordained clergy-person, are you affiliated with any religious order or denomination

No, but if that’s what you’re seeking, I know lots of excellent folks I can refer you to. I am a wedding officiant though!

 >> Are you a therapist, counselor, healer, energy-worker, medicine man, herbalist, or shaman? 

No, but if that’s what you’re seeking, I know lots of excellent folks I can refer you to.

 >> Are you a witch, wizard, magician, bard, ovate, or druid? Is Bard your real last name?

Yes it is & yes I am! I’ve been practicing my whole life, though I only recently decided to formally join AODA.

About spiritual guidance

 >> I’m interested but am not sure what kind of spiritual guidance I’m seeking, or I’m not ready to set up an initial consultation but want to learn more. What might a full appointment look like? What books, movies, articles, videos, etc. can you recommend to people who want to learn more? 

Read this page, send Brian a message above, explore services, or check out the blog!                               

 >> What are spiritual guidance, & spiritual direction / spiritual life coaching? 

I use the terms spiritual guidance (as well as vocational guidance or Soul guidance) to refer on the broadest level to the work I do with you to deepen your spiritual life. Spiritual direction / spiritual life coaching is one dimension of that: my work with you in an ongoing, open-ended capacity, usually in one-on-one meetings. Beyond &/or within that I may serve as a ritual facilitator, or as a guide in a particular project or timeframe. For examples of what any of these kinds of work that might look like, again I invite you to check out explore services & the blog.

 >> What’s the difference between all of that & therapy / counseling? 

Therapy/counseling (which are synonymous terms) is specialized for people experiencing emotional & psychological distress or challenge. I am not a therapist/counselor. I specialize in helping you deepen your spiritual life, & I serve clients who sense a distinctly spiritual dimension to the work they need to do. We may well confront emotional & psychological difficulty, but our focus together will always be on your spiritual life. We may determine, in the initial consult or afterward, that you’d be better served or well supplemented by a therapist/counselor.

About terminology

 >> What do you mean by Spirit, Soul, & the Sacred? 

By Spirit, I mean the transcendent yet immanent source from/in/of which reality was/is created, by/through/with which it evolves, & into/toward which we hope it returns/progresses. Spirit is my default name for this. There are countless other names people use: Allah, Brahman, Christ, God, Goddess, Love, Mystery, Nature, the Tao, the Universe, YHWH, etc. These & all other holy names are welcome by InVocation. Not naming is also welcome. Even doubting whether there is Someone to be named is welcome. All are welcome.

By Soul, I mean the unique, innate, sacred manifestation or reflection of Spirit in which each individual person resides & moves – your spiritual place & purpose in this world & what lies beyond. We all have a Soul, no exceptions. We get to decide how much we learn about & live into it. There are other names for your Soul too: angel, atman, Buddha-nature, daimon, destiny, dharma, essence, genius, etc.


By the Sacred, I mean any other manifestation or reflection of Spirit (or simply meaning) in the world you may find significant. We all have the Sacred in our lives, no exceptions. We get to decide how much we attune to it.


 >> What do you mean by spirituality, calling, & vocation? 

See the blog!

 >> What do you mean by rituals? 

By rituals, I mean any ceremonies (special events) & practices (everyday rhythms) you enact that draw you into awareness of Spirit, Soul, & the Sacred, spirituality, calling, & vocation. They never have to, but can, incorporate formality or complexity. So long as you’re cultivating intentionality, ritual could really be anything you do: from a birthday party or holy-day celebration, to a contemplative walk or lunch. Ritual, like all spirituality, is always imperfect, & always offers something unexpected.

a mountaintop spiritual experience, a journey or quest to a summit of vision, enlightenment, awakening - Mt. Baker, North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA
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