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hosted by Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality


Elemental Spirituality:
Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Beyond

In this Earth Day class, I introduced a fresh perspective on the five classical elements: fire, water, earth, air, and "the Beyond." We brought the wisdom of modern science together with ancient spiritual traditions – plus art, film, and literature – to create a whole new way to appreciate nature. We spent 45 minutes on each element, and still barely scratched the surface – there are such rich possibilities in the Periodic Table of Spirituality! 

Creature Feature:
Animals as Spiritual Teachers

We explored the absolute delight and profound depths of spiritual connections with our friends across the Animal Kin-dom! We shared many moving stories, and uncovered new insights for how to live in Soulful harmony with our fellow creatures. What a joy!

Our Wildest Dreams: The Transformative Power of Your Soul and Subconscious

We delved into the fascinating intersection between spirituality and emerging science on consciousness. And we explored the profound symbolism in our favorite stories and other life experiences.

I've gotten lots of glowing feedback about these classes: that they were immensely exciting, full of thought-provoking discussion, and folks kept talking about for days afterwards! Exactly what we were hoping for!

I'm so grateful to everyone who made it, who signed up for the recordings, and who otherwise offered support! Stay tuned for more upcoming partnerships and events with Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality...

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Sophomore and Junior retreats

at Cretin Derham-Hall High School

We created a meaningful, fun experience for these 400+ students: awesome games and activities, plus storytelling and group conversations on essential topics - leadership, community, vulnerability, risk-taking, intention-setting, self-reinvention, self-care, and their beloved-ness.

It's been an absolute joy to work alongside Mark McGuire, Peter Gleich, and so many other brilliant faculty and staff, several of whom have been mentors on my spiritual journey. And I thank these students as well for their participation and delightful feedback (it's no small compliment to get thumbs-up from so many teenagers!). I'm delighted to return for more CDH retreats in the future!

Men's spirituality and grief retreats

with Illuman

Since 2017 I've been a member of Illuman, an international nonprofit founded by Richard Rohr, dedicated to helping men and male-identified people deepen their spirituality, vulnerability, and grief processing.

Events I've led with Illuman include: a daylong Autumnal Spirituality retreat, a 3-day Grieving in the Wilderness retreat, and a yearlong Life Storytelling cohort. I've participated in and planned countless other events as well, such as the annual MROP (Male Rites of Passage) and weekly council circles.


 Lessons from the Pandemic presentations 

A special thank you to communities who've hosted me for Lessons from the Pandemic: Ten Touchstones on the Road to Recovery! To the wonderful folks at:

  1. Peace Lutheran Church in Lauderdale, MN

  2. Augustana Lutheran Church in West. St. Paul, MN

  3. The West Suburban Grief Coalition

  4. Cerenity Marian Senior Care in St. Paul, MN

  5. House of Prayer Lutheran Church in Oakdale, MN

  6. Como by the Lake Senior Apartments in St. Paul, MN

  7. The Waters Senior Living in St. Paul, MN

  8. New Perspective Senior Living in Woodbury, MN

  9. Lexington Landing Senior Living in St. Paul, MN

  10. The Waters Senior Living n Oakdale, MN

  11. St. Peder's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN

  12. Norris Square Senior Living in Cottage Grove, MN

  13. Woodbridge Cooperative in New Hope, MN

  14. RosePointe Senior Living in Roseville, MN

  15. Harbor Crossing Senior Living in White Bear Lake, MN

  16. The Pillars of Prospect Park in Minneapolis, MN

  17. Highland Path Senior Living in St. Paul, MN

  18. The Pines Senior Living in Richfield, MN

  19. The Bloomington-Richfield Grief Coalition

  20. Aurora on France Senior Living in Edina, MN

  21. SummerWood Senior Living in Chanhassen, MN

  22. Towerlight Senior Living in St. Louis Park, MN

  23. The Waters Senior Living in Edina, MN

  24. The Edina Senior Center and Edina Library

  25. Lyngblomsten in St. Paul, MN

  26. The Sanctuary in Brooklyn Center, MN

  27. Dellwood Gardens in St. Paul, MN

  28. RidgePointe Senior Living in Minnetonka, MN

It's been such an honor to talk with you about my lessons from the pandemic, and to hear yours in return! Your wisdom and work around grief and community-building are helping us all heal. I look forward to continuing to walk together on the Road to Recovery...

I'm booking these events for a Lessons from the Pandemic series. Communities can have me come in to lead a presentation and discussion about what we can all learn from the last few years: about grief and mental health, renewing a sense of passion and optimism for the future, and much more.

  • Options for 1-, 2-, and 3-hour talks, and easily customized to the host context: workplaces, schools, churches and faith communities, etc.

  • I’m especially hoping these can serve people who’ve been in frontline work: healthcare, eldercare, mental health, pastoral care, education, caregivers, etc.

  • Please reach out if you know anyone who may be interested in hosting this unique, vital conversation


Topics include:

  • historical comparisons to other globally traumatic events

  • what to expect – a summary of the research indicators and social trends for the coming years

  • how to get ahead of coming trends and chart a Roadmap to Recovery

  • how to make room for what I call the Ten Touchstones of Grief

  • concrete actions that can help us regain momentum in our individual and communal lives

And I've published some of my key findings from the pandemic recovery work in an upcoming series of blog posts, and as a full ebook and video series!



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