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Lessons from the Pandemic series

I’m booking events for a Lessons from the Pandemic series. Organizations can have me come in to lead a presentation and discussion about what we can all learn from the last few years: about grief and mental health, renewing a sense of passion and optimism for the future, and much more.

  • Options for 1-, 2-, and 3-hour talks, and easily customized to the host context: workplaces, schools, churches and faith communities, etc.

  • I’m especially hoping these can serve people who’ve been in frontline work: healthcare, eldercare, mental health, pastoral care, education, caregivers, etc.

  • Please reach out if you know anyone who may be interested in hosting this unique, vital conversation


Topics include:

  • historical comparisons to other globally traumatic events

  • what to expect – a summary of the research indicators and social trends for the coming years

  • how to get ahead of coming trends and chart a Roadmap to Recovery

  • how to make room for what I call the Ten Touchstones of Grief

  • concrete actions that can help us regain momentum in our individual and communal lives

And I've published some of my key findings from the pandemic recovery work in an upcoming series of blog posts, and as a full ebook and video series!

Upcoming presentations at:

  • Harbor Crossing Senior Living in White Bear Lake, MN

  • Orchard Path Senior Living in Apple Valley, MN

  • Broadwell Senior Living in Plymouth, MN

  • Landmark Senior Living in Fridley, MN

Guide for the Grief Journey

In the past year, all the work I've done around pandemic recovery has solidified a project I’ve been chewing on for a long time. Ever since my dad passed on in 2015, I’ve always wished there was a more thorough base of support for people going through grief – and I feel we need this as a planet now more than ever. Finally, I’m excited to announce that it’s coming to fruition...

I call it Guide for the Grief Journey: Ten Touchstones, and it might be the first-ever comprehensive, practical, easily-accessible course for helping people process grief. It’ll be hosted through Wisdom Ways online and in-person, starting as early as Fall 2023. We’re currently in the planning stages, reviewing the 100 pages of curriculum I’ve assembled. But stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

How you can help grow InVocation

  1. Sign up for one of the offerings above!

  2. Refer me to places you know that could host an InVocation event!

  3. Refer me to someone you know who could use spiritual guidance, or meet with me yourself – initial consult is always free!

  4. Subscribe to the blog & forward it to your friends!

  5. Support me on my patron page with a one-time or recurring contribution! This supports the bigger picture of my work – which you can read about there!

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"Brian has been a true "anam cara" (soul friend) on my spiritual journey, walking with me patiently and insightfully through seasons of transition, grief, flourishing, and difficulty. His capacity to hold the width and breadth of my story while offering me fresh encouragements, heartfelt resonance, and illuminating questions along the way has been a quite literal godsend."

- A.C.




"Brian helped me structure and execute a solo Vision Quest in the Arizona desert. He was a beautiful advisor who centered his advice on my experience, and offered guidance according to the lessons and questions I was seeking. I felt so lucky to have him as a mentor for this journey I pursued; When I completed three days of fasting and praying, he was my first call."

- M.B.



"Brian provided a safe, non-judgmental space for me to explore my doubts, fears, and biggest questions, while offering spiritual context that allowed me to hold all of those things with compassion and redirect my focus to cultivate a greater, multi-layered perspective. He suggested practices that helped me zoom out and get out of the way, which deepened my connection to the present moment, the more-than-human world, the mysterious forces at play.


I appreciated having the time set aside with Brian to keep me accountable in my commitment to discovering more about my soul's purpose. His questions helped bring more clues to light and maintain a stronger curiosity beyond our conversations. Instead of watching TV or scrolling on my phone, our sessions got me excited to read books about mythology, do dreamwork with friends, meditate, or journal — at first so that I would have something to discuss with Brian, and then because it became routine.


Brian has a way of reaching people where they are and making gentle suggestions that invite you to see things differently. The biggest thing I got was not new knowledge, but continuous reminders of the truth I already knew that so often gets buried by everyday life. The spiritual path takes courage so it's immensely helpful to have a partner encouraging you to stay the course. I'm grateful to have Brian along with me on my journey.

- T.W.


a mountaintop spiritual experience, a journey or quest to a summit of vision, enlightenment, awakening - Mt. Baker, North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA
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