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InVocation Spiritual Guidance: What I Help People Do

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This is a menu of the spiritual guidance, direction, and coaching services I provide.

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Brian Bard, Spiritual Guide, Coach, and Director

I'm Brian Bard, a Spiritual Guide, Director, and Coach with services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the greater Twin Cities MN area, and online. I accompany and coach you as you connect with Spirit, Soul, and the Sacred, offering steady presence and fresh insight. My expertise and approach are Nature-based, non-dogmatic, and eclectically rooted in the Mystic traditions.

I offer guidance for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all beliefs, bodies, and backgrounds in a wide variety of spiritual matters. From the beginning to the end of our process together, we focus on your spirituality, no matter what form it takes. See below for more details!

I offer a free consult!

Here are logistical FAQs for appointments

Here's more about my background and training

You can contact me with any questions


Clients come to me with many kinds of spiritual concerns, but here are some common ones, including links to blog posts with more info:

  • In general, helping you get un-lost in life, and find your sacred purpose

  • More structure for your spiritual life: exploring a wide variety of spiritual practices, establishing more clarity, consistency, or community around what's meaningful to you, or simply wanting to feel closer to the Divine

  • Seeking after your true calling, vocation, or sustainable spiritual activism

  • Nurturing your spiritual and mental health through play, fun, creativity, or a connection with Nature

  • Exploring your life story to see what it can teach you about your sacred purpose

  • Navigating difficult life transitions, healing, and grief: loss of career, community, or partnership; loss of a loved one; mental/physical health, sobriety, burnout, or aging challenges; a wholesale falling apart of the life you’ve known; etc.

  • Religious deconstruction and spiritual reconstruction – moving away from a religious community, toward a different one or the unknown, and redefining or questioning your beliefs

  • Seeking hope amidst despair about the planet and the future

  • Exploring the edges of human consciousness (like the spirituality of dream interpretation, imagination, art, and archetypes)



Kyle Petricek
Kyle Petricek
Feb 18, 2022

Such a powerful resource. Brian's knowledgeable and wise when engaging the nuances and complexities of building back a spirituality after the loss of dogmatic religious constructions.


Jill Bishop
Jill Bishop
Feb 18, 2022

This is so healing for our world with all we're going through - a massive crucible experience. Thankful for your calling.

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