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What has our world learned from the COVID-19 pandemic? And what lessons are relevant to me, personally? What now?


If you've wondered about these questions in the wake of the coronavirus, you're not alone.


Author Brian Bard - a Life Coach, Spiritual Director, and artist - has spent the pandemic studying its social and psychological effects, and working with concerned citizens. In this free ebook, he's charted a practical Roadmap to Recovery that every person can follow, complete with simple activities - Ten Touchstones - that can guide our way.


Each Touchstone is made up of recommendations for concrete actions, along with journaling and conversation prompts. You can use this as a manual for navigating your own post-pandemic life, and it works perfectly for a book club or as an employee resource as well!


Get your free copy of Lessons from the Pandemic, and start on your Road to Recovery today!


Lessons from the Pandemic: Ten Touchstones on the Road to Recovery

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    Copyright 2023 © Brian Bard – All rights reserved. This material is for educational purposes and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified mental health professional. The creator cannot guarantee any results expressed or implied herein, and cannot be liable for any outcomes pertaining to users of this publication’s content.

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