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Covid Confessions: an amazing new YouTube series by MN documentarian, Alec Fischer

This summer, I attended two video series screenings of Covid Confessions by Minnesota documentarian, Alec Fischer.

I was blown away.

Throughout the pandemic, Alec interviewed hundreds of workers across 40 industries, about their experiences during COVID. He's edited thousands of hours of intimate footage into this short documentary series, now watchable on YouTube.

I've watched the series - and cried most of the way through.

True to life from 2020 to 2022, these interviews capture the full spectrum of human emotion. Passion and sacrifice. Despondency and weariness. Heartache and grief. Humor and gratitude. Courage and love. All straight from the mouths of the people who carried us through COVID. Teachers, nurses, farmers, grocers, airline and transit workers, religious leaders, and many more.

I commend everyone who bravely shared their testimony for this project.
And I thank Alec for this monumental gift he's shared with us.

Alec is second only to essential workers themselves, in giving so much to help us heal. Few other people even attempted a project on this scale to commemorate the Pandemic Era, let alone with such full heart. Alec has given us a time-capsule, a historical archive, and a tribute unlike any other. No wonder he's won awards and been named to Forbes' 30 under 30!

And please help me share this inspiring project with others!



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