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Elemental Spirituality - Class Outline for 4/16 & 4/23

Elemental Spirituality: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, & Beyond!

Thank you for celebrating Earth Day with us this year,

by exploring the beauty & power of the elements!

If I don't know you already, I look forward to meeting you in class!

Here's our outline for the upcoming class, online through Wisdom Ways
Tuesdays, April 16th and 23rd, 6 - 8 pm CST...

Session 1, April 16th

Initial discussion prompts, why this conversation is so vital

  1. Understanding the Periodic Table of Spirituality

  2. Fire

  3. Water

For each item above, we'll have plenty of discussion, and address the topics of:

  • Religious/spiritual & scientific perspectives on the elements

  • How we relate to them through: (1) our ecology & cosmos, (2) the human body & psyche, (3) spiritual practices to try, (4) art & media, (5) environmentalism, and

  • (6) What each element reveals about aspects of the Beyond

Session 2, April 23rd

Sharing insights gained since last week, Earth Day

  1. Air

  2. Earth

For each item, we'll have plenty of discussion, and address the same set of topics as above!

  • Then we'll tie it all together: combining & integrating the elements, reaching Beyond

Here's some optional reading if you're interested:

And here is our video preview for the class!



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