Dream-Work / Dream Interpretation

When we sleep, we are not unconscious – we’ve merely shifted into a different kind of consciousness. In this state, we’re actually more receptive than in waking life to messages from the Divine. And so Spirit uses this time to give us glimpses of our Soul’s true callings. We know these Divine nightly nudges as dreams.

haystack rock offshore, with reflection in the rippling water - Cannon Beach Oregon, USA

Our dreams are almost always strange, and they rarely offer obvious revelation (this is even true of bona fide visionaries, oracles, and prophets). Our dreams can even be emotionally upsetting, leaving us doubtful that Spirit or our Soul is indeed speaking through them. We might say, “My dream was so terrifying, shameful, or baffling – seems like the opposite of Divine.” But in fact, troubled dreams are just other places where the Divine is trying to get our attention, challenging us, in our heightened receptivity, to learn and grow. Just like with other inspired messengers throughout history, Spirit and our Souls use our dreams to help us identify fear, grief, and confusion on our spiritual journey, so we can move through them into courage, hope, and clarity about our callings.

The real trouble is that in dreams, Spirit and our Souls use a different, more symbolic, more ancient language than we typically use in our culture, one that we’ve forgotten in recent centuries and that can be a one difficult to learn. But this language of dreams has survived, and we can reclaim it to work though and interpret our Divine nightly nudges. I’m here to help you learn this interpretive work.

Together we can walk through your dreams, exploring the subtle ways Spirit and your Soul might be speaking to you. We’ll examine it all without judgment – no matter how weird or shocking the content, with patience, courage, and curiosity, we can always find Divine messages hidden beneath. Then we identify how to weave these messages into your life, and over time, bring them into incarnation the way Spirit and your Soul intend.

It’s such a comfort to know that our surreal nocturnal journeys are as much a part of our Divine journey as anything else. It’s such a comfort to know that Spirit and our Souls are guiding us – even when we aren’t awake for it! Indeed, the Divine is always awake to us. May we find more ways to awaken in return.