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Reminder: Ellie Roscher's book launch on Dec. 6th!

Acclaimed Minnesota author (and dear friend and mentor of mine), Ellie Roscher, is publishing her new book!

7pm on Tue. December 6th

Open Book

1011 S Washington Ave

Minneapolis MN 55415

“Soulful and wise, this meditative volume illuminates.”
-Publisher’s Weekly

Our bodies do indeed carry stories, etched into our very cells and tissues, written into our chemistry and spirituality. We accumulate these stories simply by living - through pain and heartache, injuries and illnesses, but also through joy and healing, work and love. By listening to and learning from our bodies, we can tap into our own deepest inner wisdom.

Ellie guides us masterfully through this process, with insightful interviews and anecdotes from her own life and the lives of everyday people. She also provides exercises and writing / discussion prompts that can help us talk compassionately with our bodies. And she illuminates how engaging and sharing about these practices can heal our communities too, helping us establish a more just and equitable world.



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