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Post-Pandemic Recovery & Support Resources Directory: Online & U.S.-Wide

North America map icon with text "POST-PANDEMIC RESOURCES"

Please note: The best and most resources are available on a state, county, and local basis – simply select your state from the collapsible list below. You can also search online for “resources for [community, mental health, events, etc.] in [your city, state].” If you do an online search, please also help us improve this guide and your state’s directory page by sharing anything else you find or know of. If we don't have a page for your state, you can help us start it by sending us a few suggestions, and thus help others in your community find what they need! Otherwise...

You can use the collapsible lists of links below to find resources near you!

Connection to a wide variety of assistance, health, and social services

Mental health support and recovery for people of all ages

Foundation and U.S. government relief grants available to your local municipality, community, or organization

Opportunities to help others impacted by the pandemic

Local arts, culture, and events near you



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