Post-Pandemic Workshop - Introduction

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Thank you for your help! Together, we can end isolation, and create new, lasting healing and connections in the post-pandemic transition!

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With the long-awaited announcement of vaccines available for young kids, I hope we’ve now turned a corner. Though COVID-the-virus continues, I hope this Summer Solstice marks the official beginning of the end of the “pandemic-era” – the 2.5 years of collective life dominated by imminent threat of the coronavirus and isolation – and the start of the transition to post-pandemic life. We still have much work to do to heal the world. But as of today, I hope we can start to breathe a little more freely if we haven’t already. Hallelujah!

We have before us a threshold, a unique, sacred time in which to give the grief and growth we’ve experienced during this era the acknowledgement it deserves. If ever there was a moment in history to begin to gather together as one human family, honor what we’ve all been through, and set a new course, this is it. As such, I’m thrilled to announce…

Today I’m launching a Post-Pandemic Workshop, to help communities and individuals recover and find support in this momentous time. Check out the intro video above!

This is for EVERYONE, it's 100% FREE, and I’d be so grateful if you can share this with everyone you know: your family, friends, school, neighborhood, church or faith community, therapeutic or spiritual context, youth group, senior center, club, association, counseling or recovery group, workplace, union, nonprofit, and any leader in any of these places who you might know, whether they’re already successfully helping ease isolation or need help reigniting engagement.

I’ve prioritized trying to make this free and accessible. There are 4 x 2.5-hour sessions of guided content, with multiple format options to suit the needs of any person, group, or organization – in-person, online, DIY video course version, and DIY ebook. I’ve also compiled free directories of helpful events and resources for everyone, PLUS free processing practices guidebooks for parents / guardians + kids, mental health / spiritual professionals + clients, and families, friends, & colleagues.

You can find all the other details, a video sample, and the schedule of free Q&A-promo webinars on my new Post-Pandemic web portal!

And you can read a preview of the Workshop and a larger Post-Pandemic Proposal (including a call for community festivals) in my new blog post!

Together, we can create the sacred space we need to process our pain and set our sights
on new and better horizons. Will you join me?