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Spiritual Reflections for June 2022 – DEVOTION

peaceful walk through a hillside, lakeside meadow toward sun over mountains - Pearrygin Lake State Park, Washington, USA

Before the new month begins,

it can be helpful to take stock

of upcoming holidays/holydays,

so we’re ready to approach them

with more intentionality.

Here’s a partial list of major observances* in JUNE 2022:

  • Wed. 6/1/22: Beginning of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

  • Sat. 6/4/22 – Mon. 6/6/22: Shavuot – Jewish celebration 7 weeks after Passover of the initial revelation of the Torah to Moses, observed via study of scripture and special meals

  • Sun. 6/5/22 or Sun. 6/12/22: Pentecost – Christian celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples following his Ascension to Heaven, animating them to spread the Gospel

  • Sun. 6/19/22: Juneteenth National Independence Day – U.S. celebration commemorating the abolition of slavery in the U.S., the emancipation of enslaved people, and the freedom of Black Americans, and the struggle they’ve led for these things

  • Sun. 6/19/22: Father’s Day – U.S. celebration of fathers and father figures

  • Tue. 6/21/22: Litha – Celtic name for multicultural celebration of Summer Solstice

It can also be helpful to look at

common themes and reflection and conversation prompts,

to provide more of a center for our spiritual experience.

May we learn to hold these questions in our hearts,

not just this month, but all year long.

For the month of JUNE, one theme might be DEVOTION

We’ve been riding the tide of Spring sacredness for the past few months, and in that time, we’ve been charged with a vision for a better world. Now it’s time to pivot our energy toward the expansiveness of Summer, when we set out to work for that vision. We must take what we’ve learned, and dedicate ourselves to the ongoing task of fulfilling it.

This is no easy project. Progress is not linear – it’s halting and sometimes can seem to reverse course. We have to maintain our faith and tenacity, and cultivate joy despite our trials. Fortunately, the radiance of Summer is here to help us do just that.

I offer some reflection questions and conversation starters:

  • What’s the vision or message you’ve been charged with, the mission or task that’s asking for your dedication, in this season?

  • What helps you keep faith, tenacity, and joy?

  • What Summertime activities can help you keep your spirit lifted?

  • How can you honor the resolve of the LGBTQ+ community in the cause of freedom and equity for the whole human family?

  • How can you honor the resolve of Black Americans in the cause of freedom and equity for the whole human family?

  • How can you better recognize the active presence of fathers and father figures in your community and in your life?

  • How are all these voices inspiring you in your work for a better world?

May we all remember DEVOTION in our lives!


*In this series, A Holyear of Holydays, I focus only on major religious and U.S. civic holidays/holydays that are not named after any one person. This is for the sake of cross-cultural relevance and avoiding unwieldiness.



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