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Spiritual Reflections for March 2022 – REVITALIZATION

fresh water spinning big water wheel

Before the new month begins,

it can be helpful to take stock

of upcoming holidays/holydays,

so we’re ready to approach them

with more intentionality.

Here’s a partial list of major observances* in MARCH 2022:
  • Tue. 3/1/22: Beginning of Women’s History Month

  • Tue. 3/1/22: Beginning of Irish-American History Month

  • Tue. 3/1/22: Maha Shivratri – Hindu celebration of the god Shiva’s acts of balancing cosmic energies – of masculine and feminine in his union with the goddess Shakti, as well as of destruction, creation, and preservation in his heavenly dance – which banish ignorance and model introspection and virtue

  • Tue. 3/1/22: Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday – Christian celebration of repentance and feasting before Lent begins

  • Wed. 3/2/22 – Thu. 4/14/22: Ash Wednesday & beginning of Lent – Christian observance of Jesus’ fasting and resistance of Satan’s temptation for 40 days in the desert before beginning his ministry

  • Sun. 3/13/22 – Fri. 4/15/22: Beginning of Deaf History Month

  • Wed. 3/16/22 – Thu. 3/17/22: Purim – Jewish celebration of Queen Esther who, aided by her ally Mordecai, prevented the extermination of the Jews in exile in 5th-centruy BCE Persia

  • Fri. 3/18/22: Holi – Hindu festival of colors, love, forgiveness, Spring, and celebration of the harmonious union of the goddess Radha and god Krishna

  • Sun. 3/20/22: Spring Equinox (aka Ostara in the Celtic tradition)

It can also be helpful to look at

common themes and reflection and conversation prompts,

to provide more of a center for our spiritual experience.

May we learn to hold these questions in our hearts,

not just this month, but all year long.

For MARCH one theme might be REVITALIZATION

We can now feel palpable momentum as we shift from patiently muddling through Winter to fully embracing Spring. In that shift, we can easily lose sight of our need to slow down and remember the bigger picture of sacredness. Many holidays/holydays this month remind us to intentionally prepare ourselves and be actively present for the rejuvenating season coming into full view.

They also call our attention to new life as a dynamic and miraculous thing, often by juxtaposing and mediating the competing or complementary energies that make it possible. We’re invited to take in and harmonize these energies – as Nature does – then channel them into both celebration and ceremoniousness – as Nature does. This can reenergize our Souls, so we can better appreciate the reenergizing of Spring all around us.

I offer some reflection questions and conversation starters:
  • Who are some historical women –in public consciousness and in your own life – whose inspiring energy and advocacy you need to internalize and act on?

  • How can you refresh your perspective on Irish heritage (beyond beer on St. Patrick’s Day)?

  • How can you better recognize the active presence of the Deaf Community in your community?

  • Where have you been striving for more balance and deeper union in your life?

  • What versions of feasting and fasting might feed your Soul?

  • How can you practice presence amidst changes in some area of your life?

  • What rejuvenation are you seeking this Spring?

May we remember REVITALIZATION in our lives!


*In this series, A Holyear of Holydays, I focus only on major religious and civic holidays/holydays that are not named after any one person. This is for the sake of cross-cultural relevance and avoiding unwieldiness.



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