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Recommended e-courses & videos: The Enneagram, taught by Scott McRae

Enneagram Learning Lab - Scott McRae, Sojourners Institute

This year I've been helping my friend, mentor, and fellow spiritual director, Scott McRae at Sojourners Institute, with some exciting projects.

Most recently we launched his full, one-of-a-kind e-courses and YouTube video series on the Enneagram!

  • I can say from experience that his video courses are engaging and enlightening, well worth the investment. Check those out here!

  • For an in-person or online discussion-based format, register here! This class is hosted through Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, where I'll be teaching some classes soon myself - stay tuned!

  • And subscribe to his YouTube channel for even more Enneagram lessons, with new videos every month!

For those who don't know, the Enneagram is an indispensable tool for discovering your personality type and the path to your highest human fulfillment. It's also an effective guide through many of life's challenges, especially mental health and relationship issues. It's relevant to everyone, and I can't recommend enough that you learn about it from an expert... cue Scott!

Scott has been teaching the Enneagram for decades, to many thousands of students. His knowledge of this model for human growth runs deeper than just about anyone else's. He brings clarity to this complex system, keeping students from becoming intimidated or lost in the weeds. He drives right to the essence, staying focused on the whole point of the Enneagram in the first place: developing our spirituality and realizing our full potential.



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