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North Seattle Parks Odyssey

While living in North Seattle for 5 years, I mapped out this epic bike route! It takes you to many of the the major parks and scenic spots across the North half of the city. I hope you enjoy!

Follow the link below to download the map! Or if you know your way around Seattle, but the sequence of stops is helpful, simply take screenshots of the list of 35 locations under the link!

Perfect for a single half-day-long ride, or segments of it at a time. Bring a friend, bring a picnic, bring a camera for the views, bring your game-face for a few legendary Seattle hills!

There are so many beautiful places on the South and West sides too - I hope Seattle cyclists from those neighborhoods feel inspired to post their own maps in the comments!


Woodland Park Seattle

East Green Lake Beach

Cowen Park

Ravenna Ravine

Ravenna Park Playground

Wedgwood Rock

Meadowbrook Playfield Park

Meadowbrook Pond

Matthew's Beach

Magnuson Park Swimming Beach

Union Bay Natural Area

Sylvan Grove Theater

Foster Point Trail

Washington Park Arboretum

Interlaken Park

Volunteer Park

Gas Works Park

Lake Union Park

Seattle Center

Olympic Sculpture Park

Elliott Bay Park

Magnolia Park Seattle

Magnolia Viewpoint

Discovery Park

Ballard Locks

Golden Gardens Park

Sunset Hill

North Beach Park Seattle

Carkeek Park

Licton Springs Park

North Seattle College

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park

East Green Lake Beach

West Green Lake Beach

Woodland Park Seattle



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