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The Tarot Tour: a free public Seattle scavenger hunt!

This is Seattle's first free public scavenger hunt as far as I know, hosted on Actionbound!

Perfect for friends, families, coworkers, and more!

Collect all the Major Arcana Tarot cards!


  1. You’ll be collecting the Major Arcana Tarot cards from various locations over the course of the hunt!

  2. You'll be driving and on foot around some of North Seattle’s most iconic neighborhoods, visiting various parks and public sculptures. Should be about 4 hours, but plan for the max of 5 hours.

  3. This can be played with one or more teams. If there are multiple teams, there are four "Tracks" that teams can be assigned to, to prevent crowding and enhance fun. Otherwise, just pick one of the tracks. Here are the links:

    1. North Seattle Tarot Tour - Track 1

    2. North Seattle Tarot Tour - Track 2

    3. North Seattle Tarot Tour - Track 3

    4. North Seattle Tarot Tour - Track 4

  4. The links have these same instructions to get you started. You'll also be able to screenshot the instructions on the app once you start the hunt.

  5. Each team needs a car and an Actionbound app user. They'll receive riddle-clues for the next location and card. Teams earn points by guessing these answers correctly.

  6. Then they're given the correct location to drive or walk to. There, they interact with the landmark, performing a team tableau of the image on the hinted card. Pictures are taken via the app, and players rotate photographer duty.

  7. They're notified of the correct card after submitting a photo, then can submit the right one if they haven't. Some locations host multiple cards. Each card is only performed once.

  8. Teams get point scores at the end, but 1st place, etc. is decided by a formula: time to completion [divided by] points.

  9. You will need to pay for parking once during the day at a meter near one location!

  10. Costumes are highly encouraged and can be completely unrelated, just make sure you can pose for photos and walk briskly in whatever you’re wearing!

Whether you're just getting to know Seattle or you've lived here your whole life, this scavenger hunt will acquaint you with the wonders hidden beneath the city's surface.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love! Don't forget to check out the rest of my blog and subscribe for more free participatory art!



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