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Post-Pandemic Videos & Ebooks - 100% Free From Now On!

Please share this post with your friends, family, colleagues, and community!

  1. Host the FREE Post-Pandemic Workshop – a great way to support your community and reinvigorate participation! 4 x 2.5-hour sessions of guided content, with multiple format options to suit the needs of any group or organization – in-person, online, using the DIY video course version, or using the DIY ebook

  2. Distribute the FREE ebooks on Post-Pandemic Processing to your community, and use them with your kids, clients, colleagues, family, and friends to help them process their experiences

  3. Forward this post to your family, friends, and any communities you're part of (schools, churches, etc.)!

Thank you for your help! Together, we can end isolation, and create new, lasting healing and connections in the post-pandemic transition!

  • Invite Brian to facilitate for your community / organization

  • Get the free video course

  • Get the free DIY facilitation guidebook

  • Learn about other free post-pandemic recovery & support resources & events near you



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